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Follow me on Instagram at SarahDoesCraftsEtsy. I post pictures, updates on custom orders, previews of upcoming products and other things. You also will see when I am having a flash sale and get instagram-only coupon codes. It’s really the place to be!

If youre interested in who Sarah Does Crafts is, please read on. I’m Sarah. I’m a mom out of Louisiana, who has 2 girls and 1 boy, a husband, 4 cats, and a passion for sewing. It’s something I started when little V (now 11) was a baby. I had dabbled a bit in sewing before she was born, but nothing worth talking about. After having 2 more kids I decided to take my love of sewing and turn it into something more. That’s how was born. I had started a shop over a year before actually posting my first handcrafted item. Today I make handbags, tote bags, wallets, Jehovah’s Witness ministry supplies, magazine holders, and bible and book covers! If you have any questions please leave a comment. All comments are moderated, so please no foul language or your comment will never get past moderation. Thanks 🙂

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